In today’s fragmented marketing environment, it is harder than ever to launch successful innovations. There are several criteria that lead to successful products, some of them are shown in the image below. Innovation isn’t important unless you want your business to survive. However, out of every 100 new consumer products that come to market, 80% to 90% fail. This results in retiring innovations from the market in only 12 months after market launch. Marketers and business owners are looking for options that help in minimizing the risk of failure and increase the probability of a successful launch of new products and services.

Insight Wells Research help companies to innovate, develop and launch successful products

nullIdea Generation Research
nullProduct Benchmarking Research
nullProposition Development Research
nullShelf Stand-out Research
nullPricing Research (PSM)(Choice Modeling)
nullIdea Screening Research
nullProduct Preference Research
nullConcept Evaluation Research
nullPackaging Evaluation Research
nullVolume Estimation (STM)Research
nullPost-launch Tracking Research

 How do clients benefit from our Innovation and Product Development solutions?


KPIs v/s Norms 

Product Delivery vs Expectations              


Purchase Drivers

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Further Product Improvement

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